Portfolio Management Services: Understanding It’s Types and Advantages

Portfolio Management Service (PMS) is a professional financial service that entrusts skilled portfolio managers and stock market professionals with the management of your equity portfolio, aided by a dedicated research team. Many investors maintain equity portfolios in their Demat Accounts, but effectively managing them can be a challenging task. Libord PMS offers a systematic approach to maximize returns while minimizing investment risk. It empowers you to make sound investment decisions backed by extensive research and factual data, without the need for constant hands-on involvement. Additionally, PMS equips you with the tools to effectively navigate market adversities.

Types of Portfolio Management Services:

There are four primary types of PMS, each with its unique approach:

Active Portfolio Management:

The primary objective of active portfolio management is to maximize returns. Portfolio managers employ this method to minimize investment risk by diversifying assets across various classes, industries, and businesses. This strategy results in higher portfolio turnover compared to passive approaches.

Passive Portfolio Management:

Passive portfolio management focuses on fixed investment profiles aligned with current market trends. Portfolio managers in this method prefer investing in index funds, which passively grow over time with minimal intervention. Passive strategies result in low portfolio turnover but offer reasonably good long-term returns.

Discretionary Portfolio Management:

Discretionary portfolio management involves the portfolio manager taking full control of managing a specific portfolio. Based on your investment objectives, risk tolerance, and investment horizon, the manager selects an appropriate strategy tailored to your portfolio’s needs.

Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management:

In non-discretionary portfolio management, portfolio managers provide investment advice, but the final decision-making authority lies with you. Once you approve the recommendations, the portfolio managers take the necessary actions on your behalf.

Benefits of Portfolio Management Services:

Opting for PMS offers several distinct advantages:

Expert Investment Guidance:

Your investments are entrusted to experienced professionals who possess a deep understanding of market volatility dynamics. They effectively manage your portfolio to optimize returns over time.

Customized Investment Plans:

Portfolio managers tailor investment strategies to align with your specific financial objectives, income levels, budget, risk tolerance, and age.

Efficient Risk Management:

Portfolio managers prioritize diversification to mitigate investment risk while simultaneously enhancing returns.

Regular Monitoring and Adjustments:

Portfolio managers closely monitor the performance of each asset and regularly evaluate returns. Your investment strategy is then adjusted to ensure it remains aligned with your financial goals.

With PMS, you can sit back, relax, and reap the rewards of your investments without the burden of constant monitoring and management.

Why Opt for Portfolio Management Services:

Consider PMS if any of the following apply to you:

  • You have a high net worth.
  • You lack in-depth knowledge of investment procedures.
  • You have limited time to monitor and rebalance your investments.
  • You are unfamiliar with market volatility and risk mitigation strategies.
  • You seek to diversify your investments across multiple asset classes.

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