Invest with Top Portfolio Management Services(PMS)

Portfolio Management Services

Libord Brokerage Pvt. Ltd. provides portfolio management services, managed by professional investment team. Investment portfolio can be customized, ensuring your investment aligns with your financial goals to meet retirement plan and create wealth over a long period of time.

PMS Advantages

Premium investment vehicle for consistent returns

Portfolio Management Service provides professional investment management, aiming to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns, while reducing monitoring hassles through regular reviews and risk management, making it an ideal investment option for high net worth investors.

Professionally managed quality portfolio

The portfolio is managed by experienced professionals with extensive equity market experience, adhering to the strategy communicated to clients.

Diversification of risk

Investment in PMS aims to diversify risk in the uncertain and volatile stock market, reducing the impact of adverse events on the portfolio.

Scope for higher risk adjusted returns

PMS, with their concentrated stock portfolio, can potentially generate superior returns over the underlying index, particularly if the portfolio is adjusted to compensate for market volatility.

Why invest through Libord Brokerage

  • Can subscribe by Stock transfer, Cash or combination of both
  • Attractive and Aligned Fee structures
  • Customized investment strategies
  • Complete Transparency, Stocks are held in Demat of Investors
  • Disciplined approach and active monitoring

Explore our PMS Strategies

  • Comprehensive range of best in class PMS strategies
  • Investment Across Market Cap-Large, Multi, Mid & Small Cap
  • Concentrated & Diversified Option
  • Thematic & Sector Focused Funds
  • Discretionary & Non-Discretionary
  • Active & Passive Strategies

Benefits of Libord PMS

Libord Brokerage Pvt. Ltd. offers portfolio management services directly to investors without intermediaries involved in distribution services. It may appoint distributors for distribution of PMS products. If you have any concerns or queries regarding portfolio management services (PMS), please do not hesitate to contact us on or call contact our customer service team on +91 22 62782900