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Libord Brokerage Pvt. Ltd. is a part of the Libord Group. Libord Group is one of the leading financial services house, providing Stock & Commodities Broking, Demat Account, Managing Public & Rights Issues as A Category I Merchant Banker, Valuation of Equity Shares, Syndication of Loans, Distribution of Mutual Fund Products, Portfolio Management Services, Resolution of Stressed Assets, Insolvency Resolution Professional, Registered Valuer Under IBBI & all activities related to financial services under the brand name “Libord.”

Name of the Portfolio Manager: Libord Brokerage Pvt. Ltd. SEBI registration no. INP000008419. 

Libord Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio Management Services (PMS) refer to professional investment management services provided to individuals or institutions to effectively manage their investment portfolios, typically in stocks, bonds, or other securities, with the aim of achieving specific financial goals or objectives. PMS involves the active selection, monitoring, and adjustment of investments within a portfolio to optimize returns while managing risk.

Team Members

Mr. Yogesh Bhatt
Fund Manager / Principal Officer

Mr. Yogesh Bhatt

Mr. Jay Modi
Compliance Officer

Mr. Jay Modi